Our prior rationale is children’s right. When we searched for  the digital datas about immigrants we have seen that children with migrant background will represent up to one third of school students in European Union countries and most  of them are deprivet from communicatig, socializing and being educated and living their childhood the equal conditions with their counterparts.the integration of ‘late arriving children’  ; i.e. those join schools directly at secondary level , can be particularly challangeing. In such cases more support is needed to help these children reach their potential . Expilicit language and literacy support is needed in order to faciliate migrant students ‘acedemic success . And this aspect has directed us to deal with children’s right and in the means of children’s right drawing attention on the children those who have came to our school, city from not only Syria but other countries also ; and become immigrants . They try to survive and  struggle with a lots of difficulties and it is not acceptable they die crosing the sea while escaping from tragedies .. If they achieve to survive could find a new homeland  a new and big problem starts for them. That is ‘adaptation’ . They can’t adapt to the social environment which they are new in and besides they have both language and communication problems . If they feel themselves comfortable and not humiliated they would be more successful and happy but sometimes knowing the language of the host country is often not enough to elsure attainment at school. They need to feel themselves at their homeland so when we consider  all of them we are willing to promote respect and tolerant for them.  But we thought  this respect and tolerance  for the  migrant students should be transnationally because also other countries have the same problems with us and with our partners we will try improve their communication skills and create the best soltion in teaching the refugee students,learn about diffrent cultures,traditions and histories.And we are also willing to support the teachers working with refugee students in physchological and literal ways.We thing that teachers also should be well equipped with the informations of ‘how to behave them ,what facilities can refugees benefit ‘ as well as knowing how to teach them.Briefly opening the doors is not enough we should greet them and feel empathy with them.By working transnationally on this Project we can draw attention to immigrants,the effects of war on children and we can improve their physchological and physical development we can simplify their lives,create a hetereogenity and overcome any prejudice and intolerance behaviour.  We have seperated our project into the following areas:language learning ;intercultural learning;acqusition of skiils;integration in  education and training institutions labour market and society;recognition of skiils and competences;career guidance;personal,physchological and general support;and support to teachers and educators.

Our baisc topics are :

– human rights

– international development

– social cohesion

– connections

– family

– identitiy

– home

– safety

– journeys

– hopes /fears

– emotionial literacy

–  moral social and cultural awareness

And main aim is to heighten the awareness of the refugees , try to help them in communicating , extend the impact , engage stkaholders adn target groups and creating am empathy environmet for them and reach our impacts we have outlined some activities. Before the Project start we will draft the dissemination and exploitation plan , define the expected impacts , decide on how and to whom dissemination outcames will be disseminated , the plan of the language course will be outlined ; during the project we will relevant media at local and regional level , conduct activities and assess the impact on target groups ; after project we will develop ideas  for the future cooperation, evaluate achievements and impacts . With considering all these topics and aims of our project we have outlined some activities the most important one is Language Courses fort he refugees and we also disseminate and susstain it after the project , with our transnational meetings we us teachers will share our experiences and will be more equipped , with national visits our students will be able to learn different cultures, when visiting a refugees come they will see their  peers living conditions , we will also apply some surveys to both students,staff and parents and the results will be monitored and according to the results the Project will be improved.All the local activities  will be done at the same time a detailed time management will be handled and the dates won’t be changed.Every partner will distribute the sponsbilities such as;Italy will be supervising,Netherlands and Romania will be promothing,Turkey will be disseminating,Portugal will be orginizng the blog and following it,Slovokia will be measuring the impacts,Greece will be evulating the activities and Poland will run the time and budget management.While disseminating the Project we will use internet as we are living at the era of technology,we will create a school Project club,school board and a Project blog which will be free Access to public and every information,activity will be shared on that blog,this blog and the school board will be updated every month,we will also make use of media we will share our activities also with both local and regipnal media and with this we will raise the awareness,making other aware of the Project will impact on other organisations in the future and will contribute to raise profile of our school.We will promote diversity,common values of freedom,tolerance and respect of human rights and with our Language courses fort he refugess we hope to create the best environment for them.


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